“Hi, my name is Latanya first of all I would liketo say isn’t it such a blessing just to see another beautiful day God is awesome and I never would want to take my life for granted or the lives of the people who I just adore I’m currently residing in Danville Illinois but I am originally from the south suburbs of Chicago Illinois I am a certified massage therapist who enjoys what she does and would not trade it for any other occupation I am a people’s person and I must say so my self I am very good at what I do so if my clients are happy and satisfied so am I meeting people and getting to know them and their cultures is intriguing to me because I feel as though you can learn so much in doing so and gain friendships at the same time I have a passion for creative writing, poetry, and song writing always wanted to publish my very own love romance and erotic short stories and novel I enjoy singing, dancing, yoga go to the movies dining out and just simply enjoying the one gift of life God gave me I’m a single woman looking for her soul mate and one I have one son who is the center of my universe I live each and everyday by my favorite motto live each day as if it were your last because tomorrow is not promised Love and Peace ……


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I'm a very unique individual who marches to her own drum open minded down to earth and a realist very spiritual grounded and well aware of where my blessings come from I'm a people's person love meeting people of different races and cultures I have a passion for creative writing poetry and song writing always want to publish my very own love and romance short stories and novel my motto is to live each and everyday as though it's my last and to treat others as I want to be treated and never ever take my life for granted god bless YA GIRL (LA-LA)

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