A Pastor’s Secrets part 3.

The very next morning after putting in twelve hour shifts for six consecutive days Erick returned home bearing gifts and for everyone who knew Erick also knew when this is done their’s always a motive for his actions and to put the icing on the cake the Chanel bag along with her favorite pink roses he had given her on several occasions before when he wanted something or was up to no good he had refused to purchase a seven hundred dollar Chanel bag for Kassidy’s birthday comparing it to a down payment on a new car but when it came down to having his way look at how fast the tables have turned now when a man wants or expects something in return but what it really boiled down to was Erick not being man enough to be honest with his wife and let her know that their long awaited honeymoon that was originally planned for right after the wedding had been postponed due to the fact of the starting of their new business and other work related issues Erick had became very stressed with juggling being a newlywed and a business owner and agreed to fly to the east coast himself even though he had staff that could have taken on these responsibilities he went himself and took his assistant along after hiring her only three days prior to him leaving her name was Ms Brooke Contaria half black half Italian thirty six twenty four thirty six fresh out of high school with no experience in the job in which she applied for and received what so ever. Erick really thought that he had Kassidy wrapped around his little deceitful finger but Kass was no fool and for him to assume that she was was an insult to her intelligence and everything her dad instilled in her at a very young age about men because evethough Kassidy would never belive that her father couldn’t be anything other than a loving supportive hard working faithful father she had always loved and respected he was still in deed a man


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